Public Hearing # 18-2008:JUNK-Murariu
Public Hearing # 18-2008: JUNK-Murariu Property
Catskill Town Hall
June 3, 2008    6:15 pm

Attendance:     Peter Markou,   Supervisor
                Robert Antonelli,       Councilman
                Lewis O’Connor, Councilman
                Patrick Walsh,  Councilman
                Michael Smith,  Councilman
                Elizabeth Izzo, Clerk
                Linda Speckman, Code Enforcement Officer

Supervisor Markou opened the public hearing and asked the clerk to read the notice.


A Public Hearing will be held by the Catskill Town Board, on June 3, 2008 at 6:15 PM, at Catskill Town Hall, 439-441 Main Street, Catskill, New York, to hear comments and concerns regarding  existing violations of the Code of the Town of Catskill, JUNK, Chapter 115, Article 2, Sections 115-19, at the property of Murariu Brothers Inc., 684 Route 32A, Palenville, New York, Tax Map # 199.08-1-2, in that conditions on the property have been deemed, upon inspection, to constitute a public nuisance.  The property owner is directed and ordered to immediately abate or remove conditions before June 3, 2008.
Failure or refusal to comply by the above specified date may result in a duly authorized officer, agent, or employee of the Town of Catskill entering upon the property and abating or removing the public nuisance.  The cost and expense of such abatement or removal shall be the responsibility of the owner and without limitation of the Town’s potential remedies to recoup its expenses, such cost and expense shall be assessed against the described property and shall constitute a lien thereon to be collected as provided by law.

By Order of the Catskill Town Board,
Elizabeth C. Izzo
Catskill Town Clerk

Supervisor Markou asked if anyone would like to be heard on this matter.  No comment was received.

Linda Speckman stated Denise Sossa inspected the property and it has been cleaned to their satisfaction, however, an unregistered motor vehicle is still on the property.  The complainant stated he was going to move the vehicle into a garage.  As of June 3, it has not been done.

Linda stated this has been a problem since February 7th and at that time; Mr. Murariu knew to plate or remove the vehicle.  

Councilman Walsh asked for Linda’s recommendation.  She would like to give Mr. Murariu a week or two to remove or plate the car and if it is not done, then to issue an appearance ticket.  However, this can be problematic because he lives more than one adjoining county away.

Councilman O’Connor stated to give him a week.  

Councilman Smith would like the decision of the Board communicated with Mr. Murariu to be fair.  

Supervisor Markou stated to send Mr. Murariu a letter and to contact him by phone.  

The consensus of the Board was to give him a written notice and to be contacted by phone, with a one week time frame to abate or remove the vehicle.

With no further business a motion to adjourn was made by Councilman Antonelli and seconded by Councilman Walsh.  The public hearing ended at 6:22 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Elizabeth Izzo
Town Clerk